Posted by Chad Copley

Rotary International World Polio Day on October 24th.   The Club's Foundation committee chair, Kent Frankenfeld, has lined up a program for November 9th that you cannot miss.  Dr. Paul Alexander, a Rotarian in Texas, will join us and share his experience of being one of two persons still living with in an iron lung!

This brings about our local opportunity as the Rotary Club of Ames.  Each year, we step up and continue to financially support our battle for Polio eradication.  This month, I am going to challenge you to continue to do this, but for one week beginning October 18 leading up to Saturday, October 24th, let’s add to this by battling Polio with our voices!

Use our influence and raise awareness with our voices.  I envision all of the positive messages flooding social media feeds and social and business conversations.  We can take a break from some of the negativity that often accompanies an election year, and be positive.  I am sure there are many people that don’t even know this battle to eradicate polio is still going on since it is not immediately present in our community.

This could also be a great way to bring awareness to Rotary and invite others to join our club.  Once people become more aware of all of the good that is going on globally, they will want to be a part of that.

Remember to flood the airwaves with a message about ending polio all week from October 18-24th, but especially on the 24th.  Use these hashtags and ways to draw people to the larger message… use the #EndPolio and #WorldPolioDay hashtags to follow and join the global conversation on social media.  Follow @EndPolioNow on Facebook and Twitter and you can share content from these sources. 

Chad Copley

Club President 2020 - 2021