The Rotary year is off and running, or for some, off and biking as members from our club participated in RAGBRAI.  Additionally, members of our club engaged Rotary and fellow Rotarians through the Iowa Games, ribbon cutting ceremonies, or the new member committee project.  I would like to thank all the Rotarians who participated in the ribbon cutting ceremonies for United Way and Friendship Ark, those that volunteered at Iowa Games and the new member committee on finishing their project for Youth and Shelter Services. 
There are many ways to engage Rotary, not only financially or through volunteering, but also through fellowship.  Our club promotes fellowship through our Monday meetings, monthly socials and our semiannual small group fellowship meetings hosted by Rotarians.  However, fellowship can be more than just club activities.  It is as simple as meeting fellow Rotarians at other events.  And yes, sometimes while dressed in spandex, but we won’t delve too deep there for Jami Larson’s and many others wellbeing. 
For those that rode RAGBRAI, along with meeting club members from Ames, you also had the opportunity to attend make up meetings at Rotary sponsored events.  Granted it mainly consisted of buying lunch at a Rotary stand and saying hi to fellow Rotarians, but the opportunity to meet fellow Rotarians from around Iowa and from around the US was there. On a personal level, I would like to thank fellow Rotarians from the clubs of West Des Moines, Oskaloosa, Knoxville, and Fairfield whose members allowed my family to either camp in their yard or offered rooms in their homes. Their fellowship was greatly appreciated after a long day of riding.
As we move into August and rest of the year, our club is looking for volunteers that can offer their services to two of our committees.  Carole Custer is looking for 2-3 members that can assist her in publicizing our club, our activities and members and/or work on our website or our Facebook page.  She can be contacted at 294-3134 during work hours.  Steve Jones is also looking for 2-3 members to assist on the efforts with regards to The Rotary Foundation.  He can be reached at 450-0311.
Again, thank you to all for engaging Rotary and fellow Rotarians.